Safeguarding Confined Spaces: Stadium, Venue and Arena Security 2018 & Beyond

April 12, 2018, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

The threat of Terrorism in today’s society is ever present. The tragedies which unfolded in Berlin is a constant, yet painful reminder that security leaders must view training/risk mitigation initiatives through a proactive lens. The emergence of lone wolf, domestic and international threats presents numerous challenges for today’s U.S. stadium security directors. Those entrusted with duty of care responsibilities must be prepared to properly safeguard confined spaces within the vertical. Today. Right now. Furthermore, most experts agree that a lorry crashing through a crowded marketplace will create havoc while causing mass collateral damage. The question then begs, could a Berlin like attack occur here in the U.S., outside a stadium, venue or arena? Let’s further explore the possibilities. With the ongoing instability in the Middle East, terrorist organizations, through the utilization of social media platforms, have been able to bolster their cause.

As tragedies continue to unfold, a full court press-so to speak, has been used by anarchist groups to radicalize the disenfranchised to further spread their message of fear and human carnage. In addition, the existence of the lone wolf, quite unpredictable, is a growing concern for the intelligence community. Stadium security leaders should avail themselves of not only sharing best practices/lessons learned with fellow industry peers but should also align themselves with their local JTTF-Joint Terrorism Task Force, for the most up to date, accurate, real time intelligence sharing information. The significance of public/private partnerships cannot be underscored in these pursuits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The attendee will learn the most recent challenges for safeguarding today’s stadium.
  2. The attendee will learn about the significance of effective screening measures, i.e. bag searches, metal arches, and other useful ingress/egress physical security protective measures.
  3. The attendee will learn about crowd dynamics, crowd control, duty of care, responsible social media monitoring as effective means to safeguard the space.

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