Confined Space Protection-Stadium, Venue & Arena Security 2017 & Beyond

In light of recent events, i.e. post the bombings in Boston and Paris, and events in San Bernardino and Nice, the emergence of terrorist/anarchist groups is a constant reminder that our work continues on a daily basis. Monitoring the ebb and flow of specific threats within confined space-densely populated areas, requires the implementation of proactive risk mitigation strategies to best protect patrons, athletes, vendors, contractors, media, assets and organizational brand.

Furthermore, threats and vulnerabilities, such as workplace violence, active shooter, bomb/IED, terrorism-domestic, international, lone wolf, intoxicated patrons, inclement/severe weather, and drones are most concerning within the space.

Security leaders should not instill fear to the general public but rather create a heightened sense of awareness through ongoing education, career development and research when best delivering their message. Thought Leadership is predicated on changing a reactionary mindset to one that is more proactive in nature.

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