ICMC Webinar – March 28th, 2018

ICMC Webinar – March 28th, 2018 at 1:00 PM ET Event Security 2.0: A force multiplier for ensuring fan safety, business continuity & resiliency Presenter: James DeMeo Host: Robert Burton Managing the constant ebb and flow for today’s special events requires a proactive risk mitigation…
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How to Effectively Utilize Mass Notification

Best practices, Challenges and a Look at How Two Organizations are Handling Mass Notification originally posted March 6th, 2018 Between the mudslides in California and Hawaii’s and Japan’s false missile warnings, mass notification has been at the forefront of recent news. In California, Santa Barbara…
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Dome Security Adapts in a World with Growing Terrorism Concerns

John Sardino Syracuse Carrier Dome

In an article at The Daily Orange, Matthew Gutierrez writes about how Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome has faced down and responded to ever increasing likelihood of a terrorist threat. In its 37 years, there have only been a few minor situations, however, the Carrier Dome…
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Engaged Workers are Safe Employees


A disengaged workforce could spell trouble for a company’s bottom line and lead to unsafe behavior on the job. When employees are not committed or fully vested in a safety culture, they’re not overly concerned with their performance and they are not invested in the…
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Post Manchester: Where Do We Go From Here?

Port Manchester

Properly safeguarding today’s stadia is the bedrock of a sports and entertainment entity. Intelligence gathering/analysis is rather significant in protecting and preventing potential confined space challenges. The most recent tragedy at the UK Manchester Arena is a stark but painful reminder that our work continues on…
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Security Includes Fan Medical Emergencies

Sunset Music Festival 2017

At the 2017 Sunset Music Festival, 32 people were taken to the hospital. Muggy heat and drugs largely contributed to hospitalizations. See the full article here.